Case Study - Video Production  
Thursday, August 14, 2008, 09:31 AM - Case Studies
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Last year, the charity Age Concern decided to make one of their educational DVDs more accessible to people whose first language is not English. We were contacted to see exactly how we could help them go about achieving this.

Our video production service encompasses a wide range of our expertise. We are able to translate the script into whichever language is required (in this case Bengali, Punjabi and Urdu) and also employ suitable-sounding voice over artists. We then dub the speech and complete almost all of the video production ourselves, leaving very little for the client to do which saves them time and resource.

Age Concern were extremely satisfied with the service and, when the finished video was presented to them, they were delighted with the results.

Having been invited to the DVD launch, alongside local MP's, one of our project management team commented that: “The finished product looked very professional".

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Case Study - Multilingual Publishing  
Thursday, August 14, 2008, 09:31 AM - Case Studies
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Last summer, we worked on a multilingual publishing venture for the Refugee Arrivals Project. We provided an end-to-end solution for the publication of documents into other languages; translating their leaflet into Amharic, Kurdish, Lingala, Mandarin Chinese, Pashto, Somali, Tigrinya and Urdu. We then had our team of linguists proofread each version of the document to eliminate errors; it was then formatted to mirror the English version as closely as possible.

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Case Study - Document Translation  
Thursday, August 14, 2008, 09:29 AM - Case Studies
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In the telecommunications industry, translation has been used since television programming began.

And, in November 2007, we were contacted by the BBC to translate a script for the popular BBC2 television series 'Tribe'.

The 'Tribe' series of programmes follows Bruce Parry, expedition leader and explorer, as he integrates himself into the everyday lives of some of the worlds most isolated communities.

The episode in question dealt with the Nenets; reindeer herders of the Siberian Arctic tundra.

The script was translated from English into Russian for a special DVD as part of the BBC's thanks to the Nenets for allowing their lives to be documented for a worldwide audience.

"So very professional and with a real understanding of how we wanted the programme to turn out. We can't begin to tell you how pleased we've been with everything."

BBC Factual Programmes

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Case Study - Simultaneous Interpreting  
Thursday, August 14, 2008, 09:28 AM - Case Studies
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The effective communication of ideas, plans and proposals is the key behind any seminar. It is crucial that messages are conveyed in a way that your audience will understand. The need for simultaneous communications is of paramount importance to a multilingual audience.

We were contacted by Open City to provide highly skilled linguists for a seminar. The seminar was focussed on a sector of the medical industry and was held in Berlin, Germany. Our client needed individuals who would have fluency in the appropriate language as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the medical terminology that would be in use.

Simultaneous Interpreting provides a facility to achieve a smooth, concurrent levels of communication between individuals with minimal attention being drawn to a language barrier.

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Case Study - Multilingual Publishing  
Thursday, August 14, 2008, 09:25 AM - Case Studies
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The Financial Mail engaged our services to translate 'Poles in Britain': a financial news supplement translated entirely into Polish, aimed exclusively at the UK's growing Polish community.

The project's goal was to provide detailed, comprehensive, up-to-date financial news and advice to Polish nationals working in Britain.

As well as standard financial news, the pull-out will also contain advice and tips for the best ways to weather the UK's economic climate.

The Financial Mail also utilised our expertise to translate text on a web forum they created as well as voice recordings on a telephone hotline to run concurrently with the supplement.

The supplement: 'Poles in Britain', was published in the Mail on Sunday on November the 4th 2007 and is also be available online here -

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