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Document Translation for the BBC - Case Study

Client - BBC Factual Programmes
Service - Document Translation
Language - Russian
Sector - Broadcasting

We were contacted by the BBC to translate a script for the popular BBC2 television series 'Tribe'.

The 'Tribe' series of programmes follows Bruce Parry, expedition leader and explorer, as he integrates himself into the everyday lives of some of the worlds most isolated communities.

The episode in question dealt with the Nenets; reindeer herders of the Siberian Arctic tundra.

The script was translated from English into Russian for a special DVD as part of the BBC's thanks to the Nenets for allowing their lives to be documented for a worldwide audience.

"So very professional and with a real understanding of how we wanted the programme to turn out. We can't begin to tell you how pleased we've been with everything."

BBC Factual Programmes

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