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Language Teaching for Hull Jobcentre - Case Study

Client - JobCentre
Service - Language Teaching
Language - Polish
Location - Hull West
Sector - Employment

Front desk staff at Hull JobCentre were finding that they were ill-equipped to deal with the increasing levels of Polish migrants coming through their doors. We were contacted to give JobCentre staff basic language training to enable them to lessen the language barrier.

The result was the design and production of a Poish phrase card. This convenient language tool was devised by us to help JobCentre staff communicate with the Polish community more effectively.

The phrase card contained translations of the most common expressions like "I know a few words in Polish" and "Are you here to look for work?" as well as advice on how to correctly pronounce these phrases.

The JobCentre in question were enthusiastic about the improvements seen as a result of the initiative.

"Our staff now feel much more confident in communicating with our Polish customers. This initiative has really improved our customer service. The Polish people are so pleased that somebody can speak the basics of their language.

"We've already shared the phrase card with other JobCentres around the country, so more people are benefiting."

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