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Multilingual Publishing for Home Office - Case Study

Client - Home Office
Service - Multilingual Publishing
Languages - Various
Sector - Immigration

Prestige Network was commissioned by the Home Office to carry out the translation of a booklet. 'Living and Working in Britain', contains friendly and easy to follow advice on issues such as buying or renting a home to driving laws and regulations in the UK. The original document was written in a semi-formal style and it was important, for consistency, to maintain that style of writing to make sure that the document could be as consice and useful as possible.

Prestige provided the expert translation service to achieve this goal, and were also able to find solutions to the challenges that the translation of this document presented in terms of maintaining a consistent layout and look.

Translation into some languages produced a substantially longer document, whilst the nature of other languages required a completely different format for the text on the page. For the Arabic translation of the document, for example, we needed to ensure that the format of the piece 'mirrored' the original, whilst still adhered to Home Office corporate guidelines.

Our languages team worked through the project, translating, formatting and designed each document, proofing it each stage respectively. In this way, we were able mainain a stringent quality control procedure throughout the project's lifespan.

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