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Simultaneous Interpreting for Medical Seminar - Case Study

Client - Open City
Service - Simultaneous Interpreting
Languages - French, Italian, German and Spanish
Location - Berlin
Sector - Medical

The effective communication of ideas, plans and proposals is the key behind any seminar. It is crucial that messages are conveyed in a way that your audience will understand. The need for simultaneous communications is of paramount importance to a multilingual audience.

We were contacted by Open City to provide highly skilled linguists for a seminar. The seminar was focussed on a sector of the medical industry and was held in Berlin, Germany. Our client needed individuals who would have fluency in the appropriate language as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the medical terminology that would be in use.

Simultaneous Interpreting provides a facility to achieve a smooth, concurrent levels of communication between individuals with minimal attention being drawn to a language barrier.

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