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Working with the Translation Services UK team gives you access to over 5000 qualified, professional translators and interpreters who have experience in very specific sectors such as Legal, Health (NHS), Technical, Travel and Leisure, PR and Marketing, Financial, Medical, Charities, Education and Commercial Business.

Our translation services are tailored to the specific demands of our clients. For example a major area of our translation services is providing legal translation to Law Courts, Solicitors, Police, Fraud Investigation, Insurance Companies and Government Departments. One of our contracts extends to 69 Government Offices which are located across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. As well as the necessary language skills there are often stringent qualifications and experience requirements for this type of service, plus a familiarity with legal terminology and nuances. We work with our clients to ensure the right lingust is provided.

Whatever your requirements, the Translation Services UK team can help you to communicate clearly in any language and to impress your clients worldwide.

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